About Us

Formed in 1998, Brighton & Hove Albion Heritage Society preserves and promotes the heritage of our football club.

As a members’ organisation it is independent of the club, but is affiliated to Albion’s official supporters’ clubs scheme. It is recognised as the main source of historical and statistical information on the Albion and as an archive for historic artefacts.

It provides a service to the Albion – answering historical enquiries, providing statistical information, looking after historic items, etc – and fully cooperates with the club at all levels.

It also provides assistance to authors, journalists, family historians, supporters pursuing their own projects, and to Albion fans in general.

We are:

  • Archivists
  • Authors
  • Collectors
  • Consultants
  • Curators
  • Historians
  • Publishers
  • Researchers
  • Statisticians

But many of us are just interested in the heritage of our football club!

You can read about the history of the Society and some of the projects it’s been involved in here.

Meetings for members are held four times a year at the Amex Stadium – in normal circumstances – usually with a guest speaker for a convivial evening.

We publish The Albion Chronicle, a highly-regarded magazine of articles of historical, collecting and statistical interest, including original research.

Members annually award a trophy to whoever has done most in the previous 12 months to preserve and promote the heritage of the Albion.

The Society maintains two collections of Albion memorabilia, programmes, etc, for posterity – two in case anything happens to one collection. If you have something you might like to donate to us for preservation, please read about donations here.

We also have a vast stock of spare Albion programmes, home and away, for sale, to help us raise funds. In due course we will offer them via this website, but in the meantime please ask us if we can help you with your specific requirements.

Current projects include:

  • Cataloguing and archiving
  • Developing a one-stop online portal for Albion history
  • A comic-strip history of the Albion

The Society is run democratically by an elected committee according to rules and resolutions approved by members, and according to our privacy policy.

Anyone interested in the heritage of Brighton & Hove Albion is invited to join us.