The Heritage Society is run day-to-day by an elected Committee, acting in accordance with approved rules and resolutions and a privacy policy.

Decisions are made after consultation or meetings, but advice is sought at the quarterly meetings which are open to all members.

The committee currently comprises:

  • Chair – Tim Carder (known as “Chairman”)
    • Provides leadership; represents and speaks for the Society; may act for the Committee on urgent matters; and presides at meetings.
  • Deputy Chair – Geoff Holden
    • Advises and assists the Chair, and acts as Chair in his/her absence; may speak for the Society and act for the Committee on urgent matters; and maintains voluntary records of members’ collections.
  • Secretary – Edward David
    • Responsible for correspondence, meetings, minutes and adherence to rules; may speak for the Society; and may act for the Committee on urgent matters.
  • Treasurer – Steve Lambert
    • Looks after Society funds; and maintains records of income and expenditure.
  • Membership Secretary – Ian Hine
    • Maintains membership records and collects subscriptions.
  • Property Secretary – currently vacant
    • Maintains records of Society property and controls access.
  • Newsletter Editor – John Wells
    • Compiles, edits and distributes the Society’s newsletter (known as The Albion Chronicle).