In normal times, meetings for members are held four times a year at the Amex Stadium, usually with a guest speaker.

Meetings are normally held in Dick’s Bar at the Amex Stadium. This one was held on a one-off basis at the Lancing training ground.

Meetings allow for interaction between members, and keep them abreast of the latest Heritage Society news. We usually hear from a guest speaker before moving on to the more formal part of the meeting.

A typical agenda can be found here, but the meetings are essentially convivial, friendly and informal. They offer members the chance to meet fellow Albion supporters with an interest in the club’s heritage.

Meetings are held in the evening and bar facilities are usually available. Members are welcome to bring guests along.

The usual days are the last Thursdays in January, April, August and October – always within the football season. These days may change because of inclement weather, half-term, availability of guest speakers, etc, but notice will always be given to members. (See also the News page.)

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM), usually in April, is the most important meeting of the year and at the heart of our democratic processes. Members elect officers to the Society’s governing committee for the coming 12 months; and vote on any proposed changes to rules and resolutions – thereby formally influencing Society policy.

We endeavour to secure a guest speaker to answer members’ questions, but this cannot be guaranteed. The guests that have spoken at our past meetings are listed here.

Many members cannot attend meetings but those that do gain extra benefit from their subscription.

If you would like to attend a meeting with a view to joining the Society then please contact us so that we are able to welcome you.