Typical Agenda

This is a typical agenda for one of our quarterly meetings:

  1. Guest Speaker – about 60 minutes or so
  2. Interval – about 10-15 minutes for a drink and a chat, including with the guest speaker
  3. Chair’s Report – perhaps 10 minutes, including questions
  4. Deputy Chair’s Report – a few minutes
  5. Secretary’s Report – a few minutes
  6. Treasurer’s Report – a few minutes
  7. Membership Secretary’s Report – a couple of minutes
  8. Property Secretary’s Report – a couple of minutes
  9. Newsletter (Chronicle) Editor’s Report – a few minutes
  10. Any Other Business – the opportunity for members to raise any matter they might wish to, perhaps 10 minutes

If that all sounds very formal, don’t worry. It’s actually much better, friendlier and less formal than it sounds!