Offers of donations to our posterity collections are always welcome. If it’s connected with the Albion then we’re interested in it!

Our rules require us to collect two originals of any item for posterity before we can dispose of any excess. (We collect two in case anything should happen to the first.) However, we have limited storage space and we therefore have to be selective. This applies particularly in the case of match programmes.

Programmes – the most collectible of football collectibles – are the items most often donated. As indicated above, we maintain two archived collections for posterity. We are at liberty to sell any excess programme stock to collectors, thereby raising funds which can be used for the Society’s objectives, for instance by helping to acquire objects for preservation.

Our second home programme collection is held by the Keep, the local records office for Brighton, Hove and East Sussex situated just half a mile from the Amex Stadium

At the present time we probably have enough spare home programmes since 1970 – with a few exceptions – to satisfy demand for the foreseeable future and to give away to visitors to the Albion Museum. We regret, therefore, that we cannot currently accept vast donations of such programmes.

However, if in amongst your programmes you have other items – tickets, leaflets, etc – then we are interested. And if you think you might have a rare programme then please do get in touch anyway.

So, apart from home programmes since 1970, we are always interested in hearing what you might have. It may be that we already have them in our collections, but please feel free to get in touch.

If in doubt, let us know! Contact us.