The Society is run in accordance with its rules which have been approved by our members. In turn, we ask our members to abide by them.

You can read our rules in full here, but Rule 3 (“Membership”) and Rule 4 (“Obligations of Membership”) are especially relevant. The requirements are very modest, though. Essentially we ask that:

  • You do not bring the Society or the Albion into disrepute
  • You treat other members with respect and do not make unwanted offers for their collections
  • You do not abuse your membership privileges.

When you join you will have the option for your details – your name, email address and Albion interests – to be published in an online Member Directory. This allows members to contact one another on matters of mutual interest. Joining the Directory, which can only be accessed by paid-up members, is entirely optional.

We abide by a privacy policy which you should read here. Essentially, we use the personal information you provide in order to service your membership of the Society, and we do not otherwise pass that data on without your permission.

We remind you that membership costs £10 for the calendar year (but if you join in October, November or December then you are automatically included for the following year).

If you are happy to join the Society on these terms then please click the button below to proceed to our membership portal.

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