Member’s Area

Click the button below to access your membership records within our online membership system. You can sign in via your registered email address.

Membership records

By accessing your membership records you can:

Enamel badge exclusive to members
  • Renew your membership
  • Amend personal details
  • Download a membership card for printing
  • Contact those who chose to be included in the Member Directory
  • Purchase items from our online store, including a badge and a credit-card-style membership card
  • Check your payment history
  • Set a password for membership access.

It is essential that you keep your postal and email addresses up-to-date within this system so that we can communicate with you and service your membership.

To access these facilities, please sign in to our membership system. You can use your password if you have set one. Otherwise, just enter your registered email address and use the short-lived link you will receive.

Click here to continue. However, if you are renewing your membership and want to check terms, use the Join Us page.

For any enquiries about your personal data, including its removal, please use the Contact Us page and select the “Personal data enquiry” option.