Resolutions in Force

Resolutions can determine Society policy.

They are proposed by members for debate at General Meetings, and voted on by those meetings. If approved, these resolutions must be followed by the Society, or express the opinion and will of the Society.

Resolutions currently in force are:

2022 AGM

i) This Society resolves to join Brighton & Hove Albion’s official supporters’ clubs scheme.

2019 AGM

i) This Society recognises the workload of the Chairman and resolves to assist him in making the Society more efficient and sustainable into the future by calling for volunteers to a) arrange guest speakers for meetings; b) write reports on guest speaker sessions; and c) any other task that he may identify where assistance is required.

ii) This Society resolves to aspire to joining Brighton & Hove Albion’s proposed Official Supporters’ Clubs scheme, and authorises the Committee to take any necessary steps towards achieving affiliation if it decides it is in the best interests of the Society.

2013 AGM

i) The Society regrets the decision of Brighton & Hove Albion this season to report official attendances as the number of tickets sold rather than the number of people present, which had been the policy for more than 50 years. A like-for-like comparison with the past is therefore not possible. The Society asks that, following the end of each season, the figures for true attendances – the number of people at matches – are released.