Rule 2

Objectives of the Society

The Society is a not-for-profit organisation and may act only in pursuit of the following objectives:

a) To identify, catalogue and preserve material relating to Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club (“the Football Club”).

b) To act as a safe depository for material relating to the Football Club, and to accept donations, bequests or otherwise acquire such material.

c) To research and record all aspects of the heritage of the Football Club and persons associated with it.

d) To continue the development of a publicly accessible heritage centre for the preservation, storage, study and display of material related to the Football Club.

e) To raise interest in, and awareness of, the heritage of the Football Club, and to assist the Football Club and others in such matters.

f) To publish material concerning the Football Club.

g) To hold meetings of members and other events, and to publish items of interest to members.

h) To promote the Society.

i) To indulge in any other activity that safeguards, promotes or increases the knowledge of the heritage of the Football Club, furthers the general welfare of members, or benefits the Society or the Football Club.

j) To raise funds to carry out the Society’s objectives.

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