Rule 4

Obligations of Membership

a) All members’ collections remain the property of their owners.

b) Members should be willing to inform the Society of the contents of their collections for the purpose of cataloguing, but such information shall remain restricted if the member so desires.

c) Members should generally be willing to supply facsimiles of items in their collection to the Society for the purposes of research, preservation, cataloguing, publication or exhibition.

d) Members should, wherever possible, allow the Society and/or other members to make a first offer on any material of interest which they intend to sell or otherwise dispose of, but they shall not be under any obligation to accept the offer.

e) Members shall not make unwanted offers for the purchase of other members’ material.

f) Members must treat other members with respect. They must conduct themselves in all circumstances when associated with the Society or with the Football Club in a responsible and respectful manner, and must not bring the Society or the Football Club into disrepute. Members must not resell match tickets purchased from the Football Club or any other club, or obtained via the Society.

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