Rule 5

Meetings of the Society

a) General Meetings of the Society, both Annual and Extraordinary, shall be open to all members and held within eight miles of the Royal Pavilion, Brighton. Only a properly convened General Meeting may make decisions binding upon the Society, which shall take effect as soon as they are passed. Other meetings may be called for the purpose of hearing guest speakers, exhibitions, etc.

b) Votes shall be conducted either by a show of hands or by secret ballot as decided by the Chair, who shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie. Any member of four or more months’ standing shall be entitled to vote at a General Meeting upon production of his/her valid membership card. Postal votes shall be accepted on an approved form.

c) Notice of the time, date, venue and business of General Meetings shall be sent to all members by the Secretary at least 14 days in advance. Notice of other meetings shall be given as soon as practicable.

d) An Annual General Meeting shall normally be held on the last Thursday in April each year, and shall be deemed to have a quorum. Proposed resolutions must be forwarded in writing to the Secretary by 7th April. The Chair may also allow the Annual General Meeting to vote on any emergency resolution. The outgoing officers shall present reports, including an audited set of accounts to the end of March. Summaries of the reports and accounts shall be issued to all members.

e) The Secretary shall arrange an Extraordinary General Meeting upon the signed request of one-half of the Committee or one-fifth of the voting membership. Those requesting the meeting shall declare the business to be discussed to the Secretary, who shall verify the validity of the request as soon as possible. The meeting shall be held not more than 21 days after the verification of the request, and at least one-third of the voting membership must be present (or have voted by post) within 15 minutes of the advertised start time to form a quorum. No business other than that declared may be voted upon, but the Chair may allow discussion of other business after all votes have taken place.

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