Rule 9

Property of the Society

a) The Society is an unincorporated association. Its assets shall be regarded as being in the joint ownership of all paid-up members, to be managed by the Committee for the benefit of all members according to these Rules, and in accordance with any resolutions passed at General Meetings and with its own resolutions.

b) All property of the Society, or facsimiles thereof, shall be accessible to all members unless deemed by the Chair to be of the utmost sensitivity. Members shall treat Society property with the utmost care, and shall inform the Property Secretary of any change in its whereabouts. A stocktaking shall take place prior to the Annual General Meeting.

c) Normally, the Society may sell or otherwise dispose of items only if it has two other originals, and must offer such items to its members first via the Society’s newsletter or a comprehensive online membership communication system. However, items which are judged by both the Chair and the Property Secretary to be of extremely limited interest or too bulky may be deposited with a recognised public archive such as The Keep.

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